Feb 7, 2008

about us!

what? updated as of May 08
continuation of the Apr Promo, simply because our customers loved it and we want to deliver the best. this means: all items are kept at the same price but now INCLUDES POSTAGE! :) :) this saves you the hassle of meetups! now just email us your prefered item, name, contact number and mailing address (very important of course).

terms&conditions apply.

Nurul; nafa final year student
Vanessa; awaiting matriculation to University

probably the unlikeliest of friends, but after a week in Bangkok (shopping haven #1) and a few random dates later, our first online venture nveeboutique was born :)

as in the sidebar, nvee: pronounced envy; inspired by the initials of our first names.

a) newfinds: our new goodies are from our shopping escapdes around the globe.

b) Not So oldGlories: we've got some second-hand goodies as well, mostly pieces that we've only worn once or twice (because girls are whimsical creatures) and are still in good condition.

c) treasurechest: unique collection of Randoms, some old and some new. truly random, so it's better not to ask where we've gotten these from. we honestly dont know ourselves too.

also, LINK US! we'll be happy to link you too if you're a sales site! :) just email us at nveeboutique@gmail.com to be linked.

for advertorial enquiries, do contact nveeboutique@gmail.com and we'll be happy to provide you with rates that are negotiable. best suited for advertorials related to youths :)